The WildSide

Season 0 Episode 3

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The WildSide

Created By: Works, Ace McGunner

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•   Type: Animation   •   SubType: Fantasy, Action

•   Status: Ongoing   •   Total Hits: 14,000+

•   Date Aired: December 23, 2017

Summary: "The WildSide" is a cartoonimation where Hua, a rowdy brown bear, and his friends try to tackle life in a seemingly peaceful society of sentient animals. . . in the middle of nowhere! The story follows four unlikely heroes on various misadventures while they train, study, and vape their way to the top so they may be recruited into the Warriors  Guild, a prominent class of elites who are looked upon as royalty in the lands of Ogygia. In lue of their efforts, they are forever thwarted by something that sends them back to step 1. Bummer...

Season 0 (Incomplete)