Professional Audio Mixing

Professional Audio Mixing

from 15.00

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the placement of your instruments? Need a fresh perspective to settle and even out your mix down? No fear, we're here to save the day (like always).

We provide professional Mixdown Sessions starting at $15 that will leave you with a controlled mix.

$15 for 1 - 6 stems
$20 for 7 - 20 stems
$30 for 21+ stems

Duration: 4-5 Days

Amount of Stems:
Add Creative Control:
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One of our talented Sound Engineers will creatively mix down one of your tracks in our recording studio. All associated Engineers have years of experience in music production and possesses sonic precision, and are all prepared to pan and level your recording in an instance of 4-5 business days.

Techniques and Practices:

  • EQing
  • Panning
  • Stereoptic Leveling
  • Side-Chain Compression

    You have the option of giving our engineers something called "Creative Control," which allows us to manipulate subtle features about your production to boost it's performance and impact. You will still get your original version if you don't desire this feature, but why not? It seems fun. We implement the following practices:
  • Reverb/Delay Development
  • Transition Shaping
  • Minute Arrangement Tweaks


  • Each Instrument, as you deem it to be an instrument, should be bounced down (-6db) to audio, from start to finish

  • Stems should be exported in a 24-bit/32-bit Wav file (44.1kHz)

  • Compress stems and upload them to a data storage medium such as DropBox or Mediafire

You will receive 1 mixed version of your song (to be sent to your email) in the following formats: 320kbps MP3/24-bit Wav. You are allowed only one rendition. It is advised to have your song professionally mastered in order to achieve maximum loudness if you plan to publish your content. We offer that service too *cough cough*